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Name: Gogira M.
Type: High Duke of Gamera
Age: 3,209,499
Tier: Gold Zone: Red/Purple
Gender: Male
About: The Order- The Order of Gamera is a group that got their name from a pop-cultury place but focuses on the control of emotions and the valuation of goods. They are very interested in love, lust, the beauty standard, and wealth. Everyone in the order was born into it and will spend their lives trying to help the human, vampyre, and demon races boost their sacral and root chakras and improve their lives through the ‘carnal’ means. This means that other beings may help with spirituality, but these guys help with the raw duality of the nature of humankind – the blend of materialism and spirituality that is the foundation of most human existence.
The being: He is the husband of another soon-to-be-listed female named Kassisa. He is a very strong power player in the economy on his plane and is quite in demand when it comes to his company. He wants to be bound here on earth so he can collect energy that is floating around here and send it up to his plane to get more work done. He also wants to observe humankind and see exactly how they function. He is a playful and witty type, known for lounging and contemplating, and loves tossing riddles at people. He is very sexual, but will, if engaged, bite and scratch occasionally. He has a sweet and playful side, but as soon as things go carnal, his violet eyes hit a dark burgundy tone, and the animal comes out.
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