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Name: Mirna
Type: Diana Elf
Tier & Zone: High Silver | Pink, white
Age: 4898
Gender: Female
About: The Diana elf is essentially woman, no question about that. They are powerful queens of the universe who hold the power to bring immense blessings in regards to motherhood, pregnancy, sexuality, care for the body, nourishment, empowerment, rebellion, female kundalini, and reproductive health. They help you stave off disease and bring great fertility enchantments. They can help you boost or dampen your likelihood of pregnancy, can help you identify the right male or female to be with you, and can help you overcome societal negativity, negativity and abuse in relationships, and to simply rebel against a situation that has made life harder for women all over the world. They are powerful entities blessed by the goddess Diana who can bring you closer to all spiritual beings. They are extremely powerful doting and love men as well. As long as you have a passion for the feminine aspect of our existence, this being will be a fine fit, no matter your gender, sex, or sexuality.