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Name: Tippatina
Type: Flutter Vampyre
Tier & Zone: Silver | Pink
Age: 5383
Gender: Female
About: Flutter Vampyres are focused almost exclusively with pride, self awareness, courage, and confidence. Just as the butterfly spends day and night finding the beauty and purpose within itself before making a blaze of glory exit from the cocoon. The flutter vampyre helps individuals see the beauty in themselves and the world around them in a way that can access one’s true potential. They are loving, dreamy, ambient beings with luxurious personalities. They focus on joy a great deal of the time, and will do what it takes to bring about happiness. They have intoxicating little smiles and bring the best out of those around them. If you are looking to gaze into the mirror and feel joy at whatever you find, and if you are looking to walk into a banquet, club, or even a gas station, and walk with pride in your step, this being will help you recalculate how you think. Using the guidance of the flutter, you can bury society’s vision of beauty, re-establish the vision you have of yourself, and you can finally get excited about being seen. Remember though, with or without a being, you are all beautiful.
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