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Name: Mariyja
Type: Iberian Dragon Charmer Djinn
Tier: Silver
Zone: Purple, Gold
Age: 117927
Gender: Female
About: If you are a summoner, or even if not, having a large variety of dragons to help you in life’s troubles can be something extremely resourceful. Many folks want the assistance that they can gain from multiple beings at one given time, without binding them all at the source. This is the entity that will give you that access. They are able to call upon dragons of many different varieties and talents for temporary assistance, and then allow them to go back to their regular day to day lives. You get the help you need without a contract binding you to everyone that chooses to help. You get the strong dragon medicine of the eastern realm, a powerful energy flow that helps you find more drive in life, and you get to enjoy the company of many different types of spirits. This variety also are great at focusing on getting you the energy you need during summoning or connection to your entities.