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Name: Faire
Type: Ghost Lake Empusa
Tier: High Bronze-Low Silver
Zone: Red, Pink
Age: 71,899
Gender: Female
About: The Empusa were known for stealing the souls of men as they had such great power over them, but many now are simply amazing sirens, minus the whole soul-eating business. For females, the Empusa is a great lure of men and is fabulous at gaining the attention of the other sex, making you the girl to notice when it comes to masculine suitors (meaning any sex that determines themselves to be masculine). For Men, the Empusa can be a great aide too however, as they are extremely sexual and often will bring succubi and other sexual energies to create and share energy with you in sexual ways. They are extremely playful and take their time to get to know a person that way they can identify how to seduce them. If you wish to be intimate with the empusa, make sure you give her permission to take some of the energy that is generated during the intimate moment. This will help them be more creative to help you in the future and will help them generate portals to bring the right dark arts into your life and your home. They are energy with a bite, and are quite the fierce little ladies to befriend, but you can get a lot out of a relationship with one. The Ghost Lake factor means that the plane and region they came from makes them very good at communicating with the dead or seeing what and how the dead are doing.

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