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Name: Itara
Type: Kyoto Peace-Mai Vampyre
Age: 13,954
Tier: Silver Zone: Green, White
Gender: Female
Personality: Reverent, Respectful, Elegant, Poised, Kind, Curteous, Eloquent.
Preferred Offerings: Leaves, Flowers, Jewelry, Rose and Lavender, Vanilla.
History: The Peace-Mai Vampyres are a very specific talent and a very specific lifestyle. Peace-Mai means Peace in Elegance. These are beautiful Vampyres that understand that success can sometimes not be the most peaceful or zen of pursuits. Many people feel they have to decide between success and a peaceful outlook on life, but these vampyres take the energy of conflict and turn it into an energy of success that draws money, power, and all other successful aethers without the sting of the vices of too much pride, anger, or greed. These vampyres use negative energy and earth energy to make success happen but also to bring peace from those around. Many say to make important connections you must also make enemies. The specialty of the Peace-Mai vampyre is to help you keep your good graces with others, calm down customers or opposition, while also making large advancements in your field. Though your work will not be without its challenges, you will find that people are more willing to work with you than before, and that conflicts will be lessened. You will find that your connections with people, animals, even tasks will be much easier to maintain and you will have less conflict, less confusion, and less difficulty making your life out to what you wish it to be. They are great at beguiling others and leading other people to your conclusions. Debates are inevitable, and this way, winning can be too!
Zodiac Sign Upon Formation (As A Spirit): Sagittarius
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