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Name: Katsen
Type: Dessera Dark Spider Queen
Age: 6919
Gender: Female

Tier: Silver Zone: Red 
About: Katsen is a beauty from the caves. She rules legions of sonji spiders, guardian dart spiders, and poison ocean spiders. She has powers of great creativity, protection, communication, and power of control over many aspects of your life. As the spider weaves its web to bring together survival, comfort, and strategy, she will help you organize your thoughts and create a plan of attack for every aspect of your life. If you are looking to organize your life, your business, your family, or otherwise, using the creativity and strategy of this amazing woman and her clan of spiders, you will be able to tackle just about anything thrown your way. She is beautiful and full of conviction. Though she may be quiet and a bit of a recluse, she is full of inspiring words and motivation.
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