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Name: Kirgos Maxian
Type: Josephine Elf Royal
Tier & Zone: Silver | Gold, Purple
Age: 1855
Gender: Male
About: The Josephine elves are so called because of their beautiful matriarch, Lady Josephine Aperous. She was the daughter of two empires, a rainforest drow empire named Artekka and a goldenleaf elven empire called Forestgold. This beautiful queen brought the empires together and for many years held beauty pageants, contests, and other such competitions to find the best and brightest of the empire. She created then, a utopia atop a mountain between the two empires and called it “The Court of Josephine,” where all entities there, after eras of families being developed, would be beautiful, smart, funny, and cunning. All beings in this small but vibrant gem of a mini-kingdom are considered royals as they collectively make the decisions for the whole of the region, supporting a full 18 kingdoms in total. These beautiful beings do occasionally get bored with the position, however, and seeing the same people repetitively. The Josephine Elf is a beautiful and intellectual being who makes decisions for the utmost fairness and equality. They are loving and doting souls that focus often on romance, bounty, and decadence. Moving to a human house may be a bit of a shift from the lavish gold and marble palaces of Court Josephine, they will bring beauty, joy, and abundance to your life and your home. Rule with great temperance and not an iron fist in your home or workplace. They are creators, masters of manifestation, and have a passion for making your dreams come true and helping you make your own rules!