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Name: KippaKaru
Type: Geoterra Twins
Tier & Zone: Silver | Purple
Age: 2242
Gender: Female-Male
About: The Geoterra Twins are actually one being split into two – one half focuses on the spiritual realm and the other focuses on earth. These beings are amazing for helping you recall memories of this life or lives past, and can also help you learn grounding and shielding. They work the most at night and are able to use the fairy dust that covers them to make wishes come true. At the same time however, they can also use this dust to give you intense visions, or… what their favorite is, hallucinations. They can take you on short ‘trips’ when you lay down and beckon them by holding the vessel. There will be messages and signals in the undercurrents of these hallucinations, opening your energy points and bringing you to a higher consciousness. These beings aren’t for the average keeper – if you want to boost your vibration to hear the ultimate messages that are floating around the cosmos, they will be able to help you reach this with daily or frequent work. You will see many images and hear many sounds in quick succession, none of it seeming to mean much, but it will be a rapid download of higher frequency messages you are witnessing. This is a powerful moment that those who are serious about spirituality will want to have. I have gotten messages in this manner, and the result has made my work much stronger.