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Name: Sybil
Type: Cordia Fae Vampyre
Tier & Zone: Silver | Gold, Orange, Canary, Green
Age: 22080
Gender: Female
Personality Profile: Patient, Great Foresight, Cautious, Wise, Loving, Doting, Warm, Motherly
About: The Cordia Fae are created and influenced by the Kou Tree in Hawaii. They are beautiful and strong entities with extremely close relationships to the gods. They are very bright, smart, and versatile, and bring health, well-being and a sense of youthful wonder to those they are around. For those who have lost their sense of wonder and excitement for the day, the Cordia Fae Vampyre is an entity that can be extremely helpful. They are able to take energy from your surroundings based upon weather, plants, and moon cycles, and empower your food, your wardrobe, and even your bed to heal and revitalize you. They are able to bring the spells and wisdom of the fae to draw you towards success, enlightenment, and childlike joy without losing the go-get-em attitude that the vampyric aspect empowers.