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Name: Kilakali
Type: Aphrodite Butterfly Goddess – Demigoddess of Aphrodite and a Son of Inanna
Vessel: Strawberry-Kiwi Agate/ Pink and Moss Agate Teardrop (Hard to Find)
(Different Vessel for Customs)
Age: 5,023,427
Tier: Platinum  Zone: Pink
Gender: Female
About: It’s natural to love love… and sensuality, lust, flirting, all variety of things related to Aphrodite and those in her care. Kila has a main specialty however. She is not only the combination of two lust and love driven divinities, but she has been given the gift of the butterfly keeper on her plane which is an amazing feat. When you make an appeal or request to her, a caterpillar appears in her palm. She places it in a cage, and in a little while, it will become a butterfly. Once the butterfly is present, your wish is matured, and she sets it free to come true. She is able to help with much more than love or lust, but she can help you determine in few moments who would be a good bet for you, or who wouldn’t, could bring you into contact with the right people for romantic getaways, the perfect tryst, or even platonic love. If you are polyamorous or monogamous, hetero, homo, bi, a, or pansexual, or of any mixture or branch off of those, she can help you. It doesn’t matter who you are and who you like, she is a master of compatibility and can take your requests right to the source – Aphrodite. Stop wishing, start enjoying! She is a master. There are 3 more butterfly keepers like her, two are nieces, and one is a nephew. They are not quite as strong, but are close, as they are children of her twin sister.

Note -- this is not your average binding, so she will not be with you 24/7 though she will arrive as soon as you need her. As she is highly divine, this will work much like an immortal binding, but she wants to work exclusively with one person and their team rather than multiple incarnate humans.

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