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Name: Karla Jinx
Type: Fallah Djinn
Tier & Zone: Gold | Pink, Purple, White
Age: 10916
Gender: Female
About: These beautiful enchantresses of night are the most gentle spirit you will ever meet. They have quite a few abilities they would love to share with a keeper as long as that keeper is of good heart and mind. This beautiful being can read and understand the thoughts of just about anyone and is a great judge of intention. The Fallah is able to determine exactly what someone is intending to do and what their reasons are for each of their actions. They are able to show you using colored films over the person what they are about, green for greed, blue for emotional vampirism, red for lust and vice, and white for good intentions. This djinn can also charm people into doing the right thing and can help people get on the right track after leading a life of negativity and hardship. They are able to communicate with all beings and animals, and can shapeshift into a calming form to relax just about any being into being open with you and sharing themselves. The age of the ulterior motive is over with the help of a Fallah. They are sweet, radiant and motherly, and will do their best to keep you emotionally safe.