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Name: Edrameira
Type: Atlantia Decepta Handmaiden
Age: 86,018
Gender: Female
Offerings: Saltwater, Pearls, Kelp, Sand, Shells
Tier: Silver Zone: Red
Alpha: 3
About: The Deceptas were a sect of dark arts Atlantians who worked on necromantic, ressurective, and deadly magicks. They are geniuses when it comes to how individuals claimed this existence, existences on other planes, the resiliency of this body, and how to kill, revive, and imbue with energy. These entities are not for the person who is unable to communicate with their spirits at all. She has millennia of secrets that are waiting to be pried open. Watch her work miracles. She can help with medical problems and otherwise. Her strength is hard to gage sometimes, so do not take her lightly… she is incredible. Some took this ability a little farther than they should have, and that is why they ended up in Alpha, but these female dynamos are able to take their talents to the extreme with approval of their friends and keepers.
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