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Name: Catalina Koss
Type: Blue Goldstone Angel
Tier & Zone: High Silver | White-Gold
Age: 89,113
Gender: Female
About: The Blue Goldstones are a small group of angels who are able to go back through time to grasp important information. They are shifters who can infiltrate secret society, communicate with long gone geniuses, and gather information that could be very useful in this day and age. They are beautiful and smart, great puzzle solvers, and are great treasure locators as well. If you are trying to discover the story of an antique, learn about your past lives, or explore the meaning of this life in relation to others, she will be able to travel back and give you a fresh perspective on then and now. This variety is extremely fearsome and is able to send any foes to other planes with little work, making this angel a rare and valuable find. They are incredibly wise and can send you important information and images through dreams and visions. You will never go without knowing when you have a question, as they can go forward or backward to clear things up for you. They can also use visions to show you how your current path will end, and where you will be in 10, 20, even 50 years.