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This product is one of our standard vessels for spirits, and custom conjures. These charms make great vessels for spirits, as well as additions to an enchanted charm bracelet. They come in many colors, and are suspended balls in an ornate stainless steel castings. The castings on these vary in shape and include Dolphins, Shamrocks, Penguins, Bears, Hearts, and Flowers. The casting shape is randomly selected, but you can chose the color. 

Dimensions: 1/2 in., 1.5 cm.

You may purchase this product on it's own as a jewelry piece, or add it to your order to be imbued. 

If you have selected 'Boutique Vessel' as an option for your new spirit guide, if you purchase this item, you spirit will be bound to this. 

You may also purchase additional spellwork, and blessings to be added to this vessel. All spellwork that can be added is listed under the 'Boutique Vessels and Enchantment Section'.