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Name: Sampson
Type: Lethgood Steed
Tier & Zone: Bronze | Gold, Green
Age: 2312
Gender: Male
About: The lethgood steed is a legendary furry horse with the spotting of a leopard. They have primordial type tusks on either side of their snout and are able to find danger miles before danger can find them. They are immaculate good luck charms and can be rather skittish at first, but as soon as they warm up to you, they are inseparable to you and your family. They are very hyper creatures who love plants and are able to sense a change in the energy around any living thing in your household. If you are about to be ill, they will be able to help you sense the illness before it comes apparent. They will protect the animals in your house and help you become more keen to signs of danger or illness in the living beings throughout your home and property. They are great good luck charms, are loved by elves, and get along with all types of spirits once they are adjusted.