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Name: Miramei Tan
Type: Mirror Jinn/Vamp
Age: 5623
Gender: Female
Tier: Silver Zone: White, Purple
About: Miramei spends the majority of her time showing people the truth in the situation. She will show you what you need to do in order to attain your dreams. If you feel you are out of shape, working on education, or trying to move up in the world and gain experience, she will be truthful about where you are in life and how you can get what you want out of life. She is a genius in all regards and can show you where you are going wrong especially when it comes to math or business. She also has the ability to lure the type of people to you that are a lot like you and allow you to make better and more meaningful relationships. She will make fortune fall into your lap and will give you the opportunities to be the person you want to be, without the struggle of trial and error.

Random Fact: Mira summons butterflies when she is feeling down.