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Name: Kaylor
Type: SunDye Nymph
Tier & Zone: Silver | Green, Purple, Pink
Age: 1931
Gender: Female
About: Astral flight has never been so dreamlike. The SunDye nymph knows what it takes to set a passion ablaze in your heart and to create a more beautiful and creative lifestyle for you. We all aim for that expressive life where our needs our met, our bodies our nourished, and we are strong and beautiful in all of our forms. This beautiful Nymph encapsulates the vibrations of all female divinity and is able to carry that creative nourishment and the intuition you need to make the most of every moment. They are vibrant, loving, and ambitious beings that look for the positive in every situation and are always searching for that oomph factor that brings the “wow” into the “now.” What ventures will you unleash with this beautiful entity? Release your paintbrush and let the colors of the universe flow onto your life-canvas with the help of this powerful entity.