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Spell Name: Casting Straws

Recommended Strength: Simple

Onset: 2 – 3 Days

Duration: 2 Weeks

Empowerment: Burst of Luck, Attention from Others, Spotlight, Upper-Hand

Effect: Do you always feel that you are the last one picked? At the bottom of the barrel? Never getting a fair shake? This spell puts that life mantra to a halt. Calling energies to aid you, this spell places attraction and vibrancy in your aura to attract the attention you desire. This spell is specifically geared towards developing important social connections, and climbing the ladder of life. If you are heading for a business trip, gunning for a promotion, trying to land that audition, or working on closing a deal, this spell will give you a necessary boost of appeal to help your case.

 All spells come with a complimentary write up that includes the date of casting, the projected effects, and some brief information regarding your spellwork. This information may include messages received during your casting, or further instructions to help you along the way!!!

Remember: The duration and onset listed are in reference to the recommended casting strength. If you choose a different level of casting, the duration and onset will be subject to change. The effects however, will stay the same. 

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