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Name: Prince and Viola (MP)
Type: Gloss Mesmer Elf
Tier & Zone: High Silver | Pink, White
Age: 1192 ; 1938
Gender: Male, Female
About: The Gloss Mesmer Elf is a beautiful variety of elfin creature that usually grows to 9 or 10 feet tall, and never seems to age beyond 25. Mesmer elves work in amazing ways – both able to make themselves take the form of anyone and anything, but also are able to do “lense” spells that change the way people see things. This can help someone see you in a better light, or can help you see the world in a more Utopian way. If you have trouble being happy enough with the here and now to improve the future for yourself, they will be able to alter your perception of your current life-state. They are beautiful energy manipulators who spend much of their time working on upping your personal happiness quotient and making life a little bit more glamorous. They are all about body love, uplifting messages, and overlooking flaws in yourself and others. They are romantics and lovers at the heart of themselves and are truly remarkable beings with huge hearts. The Gloss Mesmer Elf is able to shift into a form you need for temporary reasons and is able to open and heal the heart, solar plexus, and crown chakras.