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Spell Name: Lilith’s Lair

Recommended Strength: Platinum

Onset: 1 Week

Duration: 6 Months  

Empowerment: Endurance, Mental Fortitude, Resolve Misperceptions, Embrace Duality

Effect: It is important to keep balance in your spiritual practice. Many of us neglect to balance out our light aspects with the discerning lessons and teachings or our darker aspects. When we forget our pain and the burdens we have carried throughout our lives, we will tend to lower our self-worth and value, opening ourselves to be manipulated and taken advantage of. This spellwork invokes the powers of the Goddess Lilith to help you carry your life lessons closer to your heart. You will be empowered by this spellwork to feel more grounded, assertive, confident, and logical. The guidance and energy of Lilith over the course of this spell will help to expose and remedy your misperceptions, and deepen your worldview. In the end, you will find yourself to have a deeper connection with yourself and feel more comfortable in your skin. You will have confidence in your decision making, and most importantly, you will find your voice in the world. While this spell does empower feminine energies, it is also a powerful transformation for men who are low in confidence. Additionally this spell empowers sexual confidence, as well improves body image, vitality, endurance and discernment. 

 All spells come with a complimentary write up that includes the date of casting, the projected effects, and some brief information regarding your spellwork. This information may include messages received during your casting, or further instructions to help you along the way!!!

Remember: The duration and onset listed are in reference to the recommended casting strength. If you choose a different level of casting, the duration and onset will be subject to change. The effects however, will stay the same. 

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