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Name: Nomu
Type: Gavati Faery
Tier & Zone: Silver | Orange, Purple, Green
Age: 1012
Gender: Male
Personality Profile: Nurturing, Oracle, Generous, Philosophical, Dynamic
About: The Lovely Gavati Fairy is noted by their beautiful light green clothing and skin color, handsome/pretty faces, and the ever-present scent of lemongrass. These entities are able to help repel irritation, free radical energy, pesky energetic parasites, and psy vampyres that may be feasting on your aural field. These blessed rogues of the fae world often keep to themselves, but when they are in groups, spend most of their time philosophizing and proselytizing others. They believe that psychic healthcare is essential and will keep you ever vigilant on the status of your spiritual energy, your aura, and your karma-count. They can render you basically invisible to planal parasites, and can help you detach from interplanal parasites with ease. Plums are their FAVORITE offering.