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Name: Ossima
Type: Fireglass Priestess of Helios
Zone: White, Gold
Age: 29,125
Gender: Female
About: They turn opposition to glass – so that you can see through them, understand their motives, and destroy any negativity they try to bring to you. The Helios Priestesses bring the power of the sun to all spell and magick work and bring great inspiration during daylight hours. People find themselves genuinely excited about everything, and inspired to get things done. Helios Priestesses are very strong willed women who are able to fell entire armies with one mace. They are great healers and are great at helping prevent or fell addiction. She’s so inspiring!
They pay close attention to those around you and help you determine who is healing and who is sucking out your energy. Sometimes you need the venom taken out of your life, and that is a specialty for these. They are able to help you see the thoughts and visions of others and determine the truth of your surroundings.
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