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Name: Olasea
Type: Northern Radia
Tier & Zone: Gold | Purple, Green, Silver, Blue
Age: 113,586
Gender: Female
Personality Profile: Determined, Passionate, Pays Attention to Detail, Organized
About: The Northern Radia is an impressive entity with a lot of energy to give. They are masters at creating shields, barriers, circles, and cores. Cores are the most rare of these, something that many entities do not create or have trouble creating on this plane – they are giant gems that radiate with energy and give ether to those around it. Cores can be temporary or long-lasting, and can even be placed inside of a ‘physical’ vessel, opened with a password, or by contact with water. These energetic cores can change the entire vibration of your home, your workplace, or your school, and can be used for a number of purposes. Items can be created that are portable that will have a running tether to your core. In addition to creating powerful power-centers that connect to any desired type of energy, the radia is able to protect you, create circles, salt-lines, and thieves barriers around your home. These powerful mistresses of magick are well known for their ability to manipulate energy in ways that you previously did not know was possible.