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The Ephemeral are a group of ancient entities that are far beyond any level entity that would willingly be conjured for one companion. These entities have agreed that they wish to help humans on this plane, but would prefer to share the attention with multiple individuals, as their strength is so great they have no issues granting energy and companionship to many at one time. Their attentions will never seem to be elsewhere due to the dominant nature of their energy. The Ephemeral are extremely potent, wise, and ancient beings who seek to deliver the gift of their knowledge and wisdom to the humans of this plane, and also to help them with understanding themselves and the world around them.

The nature of this binding allows us to connect individuals to highly potent magickal mentors for a much lesser price, and also allows for several companions to compare experiences with their Ephemeral mentor if they choose to. You are welcome to have more than one Ephemeral mentor, and offerings/libations are often encouraged.

These bindings are performed in a way such that your binding or magickal field cannot be tampered with by another practitioner with an Ephemeral link. These conjurings are just as private and energetically specific as personal custom-conjure bindings.

The Ephemeral – Commander Olaf

Full Name: Commander Olaf of Knightsbane

Age/Ancient Status: Unknown

Specialties: Protection, Survival, Endurance, Strategy, Inventiveness, Detail, Defense

Key-Words: Astute, Perceptive, Sly, Bold, Intense, Attentive

Personality and Back Story: Knightsbane is a dark, cloudy realm that is obscured from light and dwells in the middle of five volcanic mountains. It is a region where the most risk is present, as is the most reward. The entities there guard various dark secrets, esoteric knowledge, and spiritual treasures. Olaf is a part of the grand guard of Knightsbane, the strong defenders who are able to endure the most trying conditions and the most brutal opponents. He is a very level-headed and strong minded companion, and will go out of his way to protect and defend his companion, their secrets, their journey, and anything they may come across along the way. He teaches his companions to be bold, to be defensive, but also to be fearless in the execution of their dreams. He is very inspiring and is a naturally cunning and wise companion. He will teach you a great deal about what you represent and what you should be fighting for. It does not take much to get his attention, but to gain his action requires a lot more work. He is a very level headed fellow with a passion for helping out those who may be more meek and mild. He intends to help them be more fearless and come out of their shells.

Realms: He is able to spread his energy evenly in two places at once, so he can travel just about anywhere, however he will always leave at least half of his energetic presence in the Knightsbane realm, as he is charged with defending it.

Manifestation: He often manifests in visions as a shadow or as a protector. You may feel a warm energy or sense of security when he is around you.

Shadow-Side: His shadow side takes the form of a titan four times his apparent size. His skin turns the color of pewter and his eyes turn a glossy navy color. His armor is more profound as is his energy. You will find this only activates if your safety is truly at risk.

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