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Dead sea salts have long been used for rituals, cleansing purifying, and for their amazing benefits to the human body, especially in skin care products. If you need them for yourself, or for another, this amazing product is high quality, in large granules, and we swear by it.

Magickal Uses: This salt is often used in spells, satchets, salves, and oils to help undo tricks, reveal enemies, create lasting beauty, add longevity to life, and create safety in voyages. The salt dissolves well in water and is good for making magickal sealants.

Health Uses:  Since it has a much higher density of minerals, this salt is heavier and packs a punch. It an be used in therapeutic baths for arthritis and rheumatism, can be used in soaps and more to make skin look more youthful, and can also help calm hives and allergic reactions.

Consumability: No Conclusive Studies

Sold in 1 Oz by Volume.