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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Aulestra

Frequency: High

Type: Sky Mirror Maiden

Tier & Zone: Legendary |  Purple, Blue, Silver, Pink, Gold

Age: 1,317,893

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Aulestra is a divine, communicative, and really uplifting companion. Her main gift is that she can help her companions release old traumas and see themselves as safe and provided for in the eyes of the universe. She helps her companions gain courage, feel more empowered in themselves, and be less afraid of any possible negative outcomes in life. She draws many great opportunities and allows her companions to reach within themselves and pull out any doubt that may be curtailing their goal-achievement efforts.

Specialties: Manifestation, Vision, Healing, Love, Beauty, Confidence, Joy, Optimism.

Physical Features: She is a tall giantess of a woman who is cloaked in silver and pearls that comprise her bodice which was woven by sky spider’s silk. Her hair is long and dark brown and cascades down her back. She keeps feathers in it. Her face is covered with white and pink makeup, and she wears glasses that are made of crystal.

About: The Sky Mirror Maiden is an entity that is larger than life. The way they represent themselves is, definitively, as giants. If you were to see one in solid form in front of you, they would exceed 50 feet in height. These gentle giantesses are very kind and channel the endless river of love and self-exploration that is the feminine divine. They help you utilize the phases of the moon to manifest your wildest desires, to remove trauma from your astral body, and to seize what you seek most – be it fortune, love, happiness, or inner peace. They are very motivational, warm, and open-minded entities that are not judgemental of anyone’s earthly situation, as they are more focused on the constant flux and evolution that makes humans so great. The Sky Mirror Maiden is capable of serving as a reflection, showing you the most true version of yourself – the beautiful and the ugly, and giving you motivation to enjoy and extend the good and to heal and motivate the negative toward reformation and evolution. You will find that working with the maiden is a very renovating experience, as you are able to have mercy on yourself as you have for others, and to look at your human evolution in a very direct and loving way. She will teach you patience, understanding, and the nature of your truth. She can also help you generate patience and understanding toward others when it is most difficult. If you purchase a Male, you will get a Sky Mirror Master, which are harder to come by and typically bring a more masculine and assertive energy. The Sky Mirror Maiden and Master both house very small moon nymphs in the moon models that they carry. These nymphs help grant wishes, provide boosts of energy, and rapid insights.

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