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THE ARC OF DARKNESS AND LIGHT is an Aqua Aura Crystal piece that has been imbued with spellwork and RA companion bindings from Black Lotus Caravan and from Magickal Menagerie.

What does the Arc come with? 

Magickal Menagerie Aspects:

  • BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE spellwork, performed under the direct light of the Blood Moon and its Eclipse on July 27th 2018. This spellwork immortalized the revolutionary energy of the total lunar eclipse. This spellwork brings the revelation energy that many harnessed during this eclipse, conjoined with the massive awakening of inner intuition, instinct, and the understanding of our pain and our love. This spellwork is OOAK as there were a fixed number of vessels charged with this beautiful energy. Once the last piece is gone, it's gone for good!
  • REVELATION Reverse Adoption: This RA looks into your spiritual wavelength and what your strengths, weaknesses, and purpose are on this plane. This companion will help you awaken the skills, intuition, and knowledge that have been laying latent within you. These companions can we DA or WA aligned, but please leave a note if you require one over the other. The tier of this RA is Platinum.
  • LUMA Shield: This shield is made of vibrant, brilliant light energy and attracts the guardianship of whitelight entities, regardless of your alignment. You are surrounded by a field of light that will deter harmful entities, but do not harm or irritation to any DA or BA entities in your keep and companionship.
  • ETELLO beacon: This beacon works in tandem with the AMOR VINCIT OMNIA spellwork from BLC and serves as a beacon to draw attention to you when it would benefit you most -- for professional contacts, friends in high places, and healthy relationships.
  • ULTIMUS VIBRATION spellwork: This spellwork brings spirits, energies, divinities, and ancestors to your aid to bring you to the next level. A side effect of this working is a greater connection to gods, ancestors, and spirits, removal of many chakral blockages, and stronger visions, particularly during dreaming. 

Black Lotus Caravan Aspects: 

  • AMOR VINCIT OMNIA spellwork: This "love conquers all" spellwork is a BLC exclusive to draw love and abundance to you through the vibration of adoration. Whether you are attempting to draw romance into your life, or live a more bountiful life through fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and professional connections, this spellwork will add fulfillment and power to your life. This piece brings a surge of love within and without, and is designed to attract love and promote it within oneself. 
  • SIREN SONATA spellwork: The Siren Sonata spellwork carries the vibration of a veritable Lilith. Lure finances, lovers, and positions of powers to you with relative ease. Use your charm and appearance to bring you power and grace in all situations! This spell also enhances personal confidence. This spell works as a conduit of glamour magick, seduction, and influence over others. It will help improve your people-skills and charisma.
  • BOUNTY OF DUKE BUNE spellwork: This spell is designed to amp up your attempts at manifestation, and tip the scales of fortune in your favor, whether you are practicing toward achieving goals, putting in extra work in your career, or venturing on a new professional path altogether. Working with this spell will also encourage and aid your other companions in lending their efforts towards making your ambitions and visions for success a reality. This can mean excelling in academics, finally pursuing the major you want, or enhancing your odds when taking business risks. Additionally, this spell can also facilitate a more productive and harmonious work environment, where your creative energies can flow intensely and determination to finish projects etc. can really pick up momentum. If you’ve been suffering from creative blocks, losing motivation, struggling to re-stabilize, or kick start a new business, this spell can be the perfect tool or aid to use in your path to better manifestation.
  • LIGHT AND SHADOWS casting: a spell for enhancing and amplifying the law of attraction, while deflecting and returning negativity back to sender. 


We ask that, depending on order volume on this piece, you give us up to 4 weeks to process, as we will have to both work individually to cast each piece for each customer. 



The large metal pendant piece pictured below is known as the King's Artifact. It will feature all of the spells and services listed above, but the RA is a Mythical Tier, and you will gain a Vital Ephemeral Key on the object as well, connecting you to all members of the Ephemeral! The pendant will be made into a gemstone necklace upon your request.