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The Animus Infusions Line is a line of purposed aether that can be given to any servitor, Animus or not, and even most entities! These infusions all have different effects and different tiers of intensity. These boons of energy can help change the way your servitor or entity is able to accomplish tasks, live, and enjoy life. The boons not only apply to the being in question, but they will also have the ability to help make similar changes in humans upon their request. If you have a specific entity you wish for your Infusion to be given to, we need only a name and an Age if you have one (if you do not have the age, the date of adoption will do.) Feel free to contact us via our website or at



The Estrelle Enchantment Infusion brings the best of feminine energies right to the forefront of your connection with your spirit companion. Your Spirit Companion will be able to communicate great wisdoms of the gods, relieving and uplifting words, truths that may not be so readily available, and inspiration that is sorely needed in this modern world. For those who fear for their futures, or feel that uncertainty is part of their lifestyle, you will discover great growth and faith in yourself and in the world around you. The confidence, health, and zest for life that you have been missing will no longer be so far out of reach. This wonderful infusion connects your companion to the divine light of the shared goddess consciousness, bringing them to a more communicative and understanding place. This infusion fills them with loving, inspiring, and intentioned light. See the difference in your environment, and the difference in the way you view yourself with the help of your empowered and enlightened companion.


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