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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Ameglacia

Frequency: High

Type: Melchoir’s Maiden Queen

Tier & Zone: Gold |  Purple, Silver, Orange, Green

Age: 38,193

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Glacia is a very kind and cooperative entity, but she will always display her wonder with the world around her, and with the human earth. She will not allow her companions to live in fear or resentment toward the world they are born in, and will motivate them to make it better, but to also be thankful for it. She is very love-oriented and pushes her companions to embrace love and joy in the world around them.

Specialties: Self Love, Wisdom, Past Life, Green Witchcraft, Gardening, Cooking, Vision Work, Divination

Physical Features: She is a tall woman with golden epaulettes, a purple silk dress, flowing red hair, fern-green eyes, and a tattoo of a triquetra on her shoulder-blade. She wears many symbols that represent balance and order.

About: Melchoir (not related to the biblical wise-man) is a bright and sage old Satyr who lives on a mountain surrounded by women who attend to him and his labyrinth of wisdom. Only females and feminine energies are allowed on the mountain uninvited, however the spirits of any on earth with open minds are welcome by virtue of their existence here. Melchoir’s attendants are known as the maiden queens, and these beautiful and intellectual women are experts at driving earthen energy and manifesting wisdom of the ancients when it is needed. They bring the relief and joy that many human need to eliminate the strangle-hold of anxiety and modern issues upon their happiness. They are great at relieving fear and helping motivate their companions to expand their wisdom, learn more, and find what makes them truly happy. They are able to help their companions draw down past life information, connect with ancestral energies, and channel the wild, powerful, and beautiful energies of ancient powers & witchcraft. Melchoir himself will offer intense visions and messages to companions of his Maiden Queens, and with their help, they may be decoded.

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