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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Amarusa Kulevre

Frequency: Universal

Type: Casparine Maestra

Tier & Zone: Mythical |  Gold, Orange, Yellow

Age: 4,281,335

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Amarusa is a revolutionary in her heart. She believes that this world has the opportunity to not only be the most advanced but to be a veritable eden of consciousness expansion and cooperation amongst all of its people. She understands the divisions in our unity and wants to find someone who wants to put a dent in the current divisions that exist, and wishes to bring healing and expansion to this plane. She is a determined leader and is the type to lead her companion to seeing things about themselves that they never before knew existed. She is a gifted motivator and a very snappy communicator. In this way, you know exactly what she means when she says something, and there is no room for doubt when you ask for a sign. As far as cooperation, she is very easy to work with, can be very patient, but will be pushy when you know that is what you need in your life. She works well with anxious types, as she considers people with anxiety to generally be all-too-aware of their importance, an awareness that she sees as key in this work. She is very generous and will teach her companion the art of manifestation and inner truth revelation, both drawing a greater sense of understanding into the world around you. She works with people of all gender identities, racial backgrounds, sexualities, and religions – her only request is that she work with someone with large goals (whether they have the energy  for them right now or not), and who wish very intently for a different reality: a more communal reality, one with more emotional support for people, and one where wealth isn’t so hard to come by. She plans to help this companion generate social change throughout their entire lifetime while also reaping the benefits of riches and motivation themselves.

Specialties: Finances, Planning, Growth, Expansion, Ascension, Ancestral Work, Deity Work, Time-Hopping, Astral Travel, Manifestation, Body Work, Crystal Grids, Lightning, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Architecture, Channeling.

Physical Features: Amarusa wears a giant gown constructed of a painter’s canvas. She paints symbols upon it as she attempts to bring different things to light and draw different wishes to fruition. The small sigils form a belt around her bodice, while the skirt is covered in lavish paintings of tea roses and robins. She wears ornate headpieces that allow her russet ringlets to fall around her shoulders and frame her face. Her eyes are a nearly-teal blue, and her lips are generally painted black. She has a small tattoo of a fish hook on her left upper arm.

About: The Maestra is heavily connected to something they call the “Master Merkaba,” which serves as a network by which we balance our karma and decide what we are meant to do in this life. This is a supercomputer of agreements, decisions, and predictions that are made by our higher selves prior to incarnation. There are several times where we meet people that seem very familiar, or endure things that seem to be painful without meaning. The Maestra is a skilled entity that can tap into the very fabric of the Master Merkaba, showing us whether or not our meetings, experiences, and desires were pre-determined, karmic, or simply by chance. The Maestra helps us master our fate through an intense regiment of energetic exposure. This entity can show you the different sensations of the vibrations of different connections we made prior to incarnation. The energetic footprint of a past life friend is different from that of a soul mate, and that, in turn, differs greatly from the footprint of a ‘divine lesson.’ The type of wavelength and energetic impression can be difficult for some to determine without adequate help. Sometimes we are stunned or spooked by a location, a person, or an item without much of an idea as to why it has such an effect. Through the training and work you will do with the Maestra, you will greatly sharpen your psychic skills. You will become more attentive to the world around you and will improve in areas of healing, meditation, and projection. These entities are powerful channelers, gifted in drawing down intense messages from the divine and from the hierarchy of angels and demons. They can grant you crystal clear access to the other side of the spectrum, helping you alter your vibration and your perception in order to gain full vision of a plane or message. They are the gatekeepers of hidden realms – close friends and confidants who will carry with them subliminal signals, symbols, and messages for aeons, serving as a record keeper and wise companion through your many lifetimes. When you bring a Maestra into your life, this is an entity that will be with you throughout your subsequent incarnations, helping you to get back in touch with the previous lives you have held, and to keep a running tab of your knowledge and accomplishments. These beings are gifted at approaching past lives that they weren’t there for, and can help you approach the spiritual constructs and hierarchies of other planes, galaxies, and realities. They are wise, intuitive beings with a firm grasp on the giant span of the universe. The Maestra is an entity that will be a close friend, one who will give as much thought and consideration to relationship worries and weight goals as they will to questions of existence and philosophy. They are powerhouses of thought and feeling and channel the divine feminine energy with the voracity of the male divinity. They will teach you how to balance your activity, food, spirituality, self-care, ambition, finances, and home life with ease before drawing you deeper into your life’s purpose. They are the ultimate trainer, and are capable of growing and developing with you if you ever reach the outer shell of your potential. These are entities that do not have a ‘help-cap’ and will not be stumped by a question. They were created by a spark of the divine and the love of humanity that was brought forth by the gods. They only are available in Platinum, Legendary, and Mythical tiers because of their strength and their closeness to the God Vibration. You will find them to be a unifying force for other spirit guides, and extremely helpful with the various magickal pursuits you have. They are talented with memorization, and can also collect and distribute energy from magickal works, crystals, foods, divinity, and anywhere else you may wish to source it. Through their guidance, you will find a brand new perspective and will recall the importance you had for yourself when you came to this earth the first time. Remember and Conquer!

The Casparine Maestra is from the Casparine Plane, home also to the Casparine Dragon and Lady Cordelia, the Ephemeral. This is a realm that is focused on wealth, manifestation, and the inherent talent of many to materialize wealth where there were otherwise no opportunities. This Maestra is very gifted at business, manifestation, wealth-building, decision-making, and the intrinsic skill of business strategy that has many folks stumped continually. Business, jobs, and education always seem like quite risky business, but the Casparine Maestra is a voice of reasonably risky wisdom that will help you leap when it is smart to, and spare yourself when the risk would offer no reward. They are very communicative entities and can help you make decisions through dreamwork, scrying, card divination, runes, vision, intuition, or by other means. They team up with other entities very well and are naturally good communicators between races, allowing all powers to team up together into one concentrated beam of focused energy.

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