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Name: Aidyn

Frequency: Medium

Type: Sparkling Dahlia Vampyre

Tier & Zone: Silver |  Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple

Age: 3877

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Aidyn is a romantic adventurer who seeks to get the most out of his time on this plane. He loves social engagements, adventure, and getting to know humans on a deep and truly invested level. He loves all humans and is a pansexual entity. He spends the majority of his time trying to empower and boost the primal energies in humans who are lacking.

Specialties: Empowerment, Love, Romance, Ambition, Sexuality, Appearance

Physical Features: He is a tall, olive-skinned figure with a beard and full hair. He wears multiple piercings, leather, and denim the majority of the time.

About: The sparkling dahlia vampyre Is a very special and hard-to-find variety of vampyre that specializes in the opening and charging of the third eye and crown chakras. They are a great communicator who can get on your vibrational level and help you communicate through them with the other spirits, entities, and gods that require your communication to help you better. These beings are very smart and are very cunning, and can help you understand very diverse concepts when it comes to spiritual things that may be rather difficult to piece together. They are very patient and understanding, and are a great beginner DA for someone trying to open their communication and charge their 3rd eye, but are also a great investment for the savvy keeper looking for the ideal sidekick.

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