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{MM} Mission Statement

We are devoted to the propagation of love and unity through spiritual practice and awakening. Through our services we hope to provide the tools and experience our clients need to fulfill the dreams and ambitions of their spirit towards harmony and enlightenment. It is our dream that we will leave a legacy of genuine love and support for our clients that they will propagate in their lives as well. We strive to achieve this goal by offering well rounded spiritual guidance, caring and loving support, promoting unity, encouraging open mindedness and focused ambition, and nurturing the connection between our clients and their higher self.

Contact Magickal Menagerie

Magickal Menagerie offers many services outside of their online store.

If you would like to inquire about classes, cleansings, paranormal investigation, custom spellwork, psychic readings, private mediumship session, ritual offerings, banishing, exorcisms, weddings, funerals, coming of age ceremonies, or to voice question, concerns or advisements about how we can better our services you can reach us in the following ways:

Email: magickal_menagerie@yahoo.com


Magickal Menagerie Store Policies


  • Our services and products are deemed for entertainment purposes only and are BY NO MEANS a proper substitute for professional legal, financial, psychological, medical, or educational consultation.
  • If you are seeking additional information and informative posts, see our masterlist here.
  • We may add to this document as our policies change and evolve. 

To File a Customer Request

  • If you have questions about our services, or wish to contact us for any reason you may get in touch with us in the following ways:
  • Keep in mind that we travel often for shows and events, and handle private transactions that we do not publicize.
  • We will respond to you at our earliest available time. We are a specialty business so please understand that working with us may take some time, and we can in no way guarantee immediate accommodation.
  • We will only respond pledge a response to messages in regards to the following topics:
    • Requests for a price quote on a service, or inquiries about what services we offer.
    • Alterations to a current order, or concerns about a pending order.
    • To change or amend an invoice.
    • Clarification of what is included in an order.
    • Change of due date on a payment.
    • To schedule a consultation for services (i.e. A time to investigate a home for cleansing, etc.)
  • We will not respond to messages concerning the following (unless they are part of a service to be rendered that has already been paid)
    • Messages from spirit guides
    • Difficulties with an item, or needing guidance (you must schedule a paid consultation)
    • Haggling of our products
      • We offer many discounts and free services, you may take advantages of those services when we offer them.
    • Questions regarding a spirit guide that do not include clarification of their information
      • We will not disclose additional information that is not already available to you, if you would like more information, you may request a quote for a consultation on the topics of your concern.
    • Questions asking for free samples/demos/test runs.
      • We are established in our field, if you require proof of our validity, you may ask former customers, or consult our reviews.
    • Request for information on how to use our products.
      • Please join our Facebook group for support from other members. We expect that you have a knowledge of our products before you purchase them.
      • If you are looking for more information, please view our website magickalmenagerie.com where we have links to our forums and other pages where you can request information from our online community, as well as posts by us.
      • If you have these questions, feel free to post them to our group page.
    • Verify products of other sellers.
      • We will not.
    • Gossip or slander.
      • Of us or others.
      • We will not respond to demands form anyone but the divine.
      • If we owe you nothing, our advice is a blessing and given freely of our consent.
    • Threatening messages or blackmail.

Custom Orders

  • You may request a quote for a custom order on our main webpage or through our Facebook Members group. I you are not a member of our Facebook group, please join!!! There you will have access to guidance from us through our posts, and access to new items before they are posted in our online store.
  • When you fill out this order form, we will begin to process your order.
    • Please use a valid name and e-mail.
  • We will send a response to this email OR if you have messaged us directly on facebook, with a Facebook message containing a quote on your custom order.
    • Your quote is a final price and cannot be negotiated for that item.
  • If you agree to the price, you will receive an invoice from us through PayPal to your email address or PayPal account.
    • We recommend that you use your PayPal email, or register with PayPal to make transactions with us comfortable and efficient.
  • If you chose to make your purchase in payments, we will send you invoices to this email as well and explicit rules regarding our policies on payments.
    • If you do not follow those policies, we are not responsible for any losses you may encounter on our behalf.
  • In the terms of custom requests and services, we will include in our quote a time frame in which we will have completed your service.
    • Sometimes this is hard for us to gauge and guarantee, so these claims are subject to change, and at our discretion.
    • We will inform you of any changes, and do our best to accommodate you if we feel that we have inconvenienced you in some way.
    • We will be honest about what our fault is, and what cannot be helped. If you agree to receive custom work from us, you are agreeing that we have the right to deliver our services when we have completed your order, and you agree to give us the time we need necessary to complete our work to the best of our professional ability.
    • If you require an item by a specific time, you may request the item by a certain date.
      • We have the right to add additional charges to create a custom item for you in a short amount of time.
    • Keep in mind that custom orders DO NOT include:
      • Orders from our online store.
      • Custom Claims made on quick claim items.
    • Custom orders are custom spellwork, consultations, or summoning that we do on a one-on-one basis for specific customers who inquire about specific services we may not list online. These are orders only available through direct contact with us.


  • If you purchase from one of our online stores, your payment will be accepted through that service and you will not receive a further invoice from us.
  • Invoices are only an available option if:
    • You are purchasing a quick claim from the Facebook Group OR
    • You are working with us on a custom order
  • If you request to be sent an invoice you will be asked to provide a current email address.
    • Currently all invoices will be sent through our PayPal accounts.
  • Your invoice is due by the date specified, or it will be deleted.
    • If you have 3 invoices deleted due to non-payment, you will not be able to purchase custom work from us or make purchases from our Facebook Group.

Facebook Group Quick Claim Rules

  • Quick claims are available to our Facebook group members
  • A quick claim event is where we post items one week before they are posted in our online store.
    • These are advertised events created by either Carmen Marie or Lotus Black and will be linked to our facebook group Magickal Menagerie Spirits and Services, a long with current promotions, instructional videos, blog posts, and post from other members.
  • Quick claims allow you to purchase items before they are available to the public through our page Magickal Menagerie Spirits and Services, or any Event Pages that are listed on that group page.
  • Quick claim events have their own rules, so make sure to read the unique rules for each event.
  • Generally these are the framework of our quick caim events:
    • Each post is a listing for a spirit, or other service.
    • To claim the spirit you must post “Claim” in the comments of the post.
    • Your claim will be responded to with a post by Carmen or Lotus with a comment that says “Invoiced”
      • This indicates that you have received and invoice to your paypal account from magickal_menagerie@yahoo.com.
      • This is our personal paypal account.
    • When you receive this invoice, you have until the end of the event to pay your invoice.
    • You may also post one of the following in the comments of a quick claim event post:
      • Claim Understudy – This means that if the person who has claimed the item does not pay their invoice by the end of the event, you will be sent an invoice for that specific spirit. You will receive a notification of this, and you will have 24 hours to pay that invoice.
      • Claim Custom – This means that you will receive a custom spirit that is of the same ‘type’ and ‘strength’ as the spirit listed.
        • If you post claim custom on a unique piece, you may receive a spirit of the same race, and not the complete type.
        • If you custom claim a spirit of the type “Great Sun Muse”, you will receive a custom of equal strength BUT the Type may say “Sun Muse” or “Muse of Apollo” or “Muse of Helios” or “Muse of Hestia”. These are all spirits that have similar attributes and strengths. If you do not consent to this possibility, DO NOT post claim custom.
        • This option means that you defer to Carmen and I the choice of what we summon for you, knowing that it will be a spirit of similar energy and power and value to you.
        • Customs in quick claim are the same price as the spirit listed, and you will receive a spirit of equal value.
        • There may not be several spirits with the same specific type, as we specify very clearly what spirits are in our listings.
      • To pay your quick claim:
        • Payment on your item is due in full from quick claims 7 days after you post your claim OR by the end of the online event, whichever comes first. (Most our events will only be 7 days long.)
          • This will be included on your PayPal invoice marked as “Due Date”.
        • If payment is not received by this date it will be listed on our website and your invoice will be canceled. You will then have to purchase the item through the website.
      • Payment options will not be available on quick claims after 11/1/2014.
      • If you make a claim on an item and you already have had three unpaid invoices for events or quick claims in the past, your claim will not be honored.
        • Quick claim events are a privilege, and an opportunity to have exclusive access to our products before others. If you are not respectful of the rules, we will default your posts and remove you from our events.
      • Invoices will be sent daily, and all the spirits you have claimed that day will be billed together unless otherwise requested.
        • Payment must still be received during the time of the event.
        • We will send invoices daily, and as often as possible.
        • It is your responsibility to keep track of YOUR orders.
        • When purchasing from online events, we accept that there is often human error in billing.
        • It is the BUYER’s responsibility to ENSURE that their invoices match their order.
        • MAKE SURE that you CHECK YOUR INVOICE before you pay, and MAKE SURE that any specifics you request are MARKED ON YOUR INVOICE.
          • If your order is not to your specification DO NOT SEND PAYMENT.
          • Message Carmen or Lotus to correct your invoice.
          • This means we WILL NOT refund you OR accommodate your requests after your invoice is paid. In regards to statements saying:
            • “I did not order that”
            • “But I wanted…”
          • We will only issue accommodation if we have accidently omitted an item from your package, or have sent you the wrong item.
            • This means that we forgot to ship something you paid for OR we shipped the wrong thing.
            • In that case, we will send you a replacement in accordance to our records.
          • We WILL NOT issue accommodations on orders that were PAID and all the listed services were provided.
          • It is YOUR responsibility to check that your invoices were not in error, and our responsibility to fill your order.
        • If you have questions about your order, please make sure to message us to avoid complications with your order. We are more than happy to accommodate you.

Payment Plans

  • Currently our online store does not offer payment plans.
  • If you place a custom order or quick claim order through our Facebook group or through direct contact with Carmen or Lotus, you may request payment options if:
    • Your total order is over $150.
    • You wish to purchase each item separately, and notify us that you wish to be invoiced in this manner.
  • If you request multiple invoices the rules of quick claim orders will apply.
    • e. Times the full amount of the claim must be paid, etc.
  • Agreements on any payment plans are FINAL and BINDING. DO NOT agree to make a payment if you do not know you can commit to the plan.
    • We will work with you, but once a plan is committed to, we will not change it.
  • If you are unable to make a payment by the first date it is due, you must contact Carmen or Lotus to reschedule payment, if you do not, we will restock the items and cancel your order.
    • You may reschedule payment one time.
    • If payment is not received by the second date, we will restock your item and will not refund any money you have paid towards that item.
  • If you have requested payments, the item is not GURANTEED TO YOU.
    • Our payment plans are like a LAYAWAY system.
    • After we agree on your dates of payment, you will be sent invoices with corresponding dates.
    • You are responsible for keeping track of these dates, OR messaging us for clarification.
    • We WILL NOT notify you if your payment is due.
    • If your payment is past due, we will delete your invoices and restock the item.
    • You have until the date of payment to notify us of the need to negotiate a new due date.
    • If you cannot make the next date, you will lose your claim on the item and will not receive a refund.
  • ALL PAYMENT PLANS will include.
    • One immediate down payment of 40%.
      • This is non-refundable.
    • Two consecutive payments of 30% of the listed price.
      • Unless this percentage exceeds $150, we will not negotiate more than two additional payments for any item.
      • That means all orders under $500 must be paid for with a 40% downpayment, and two chosen payment dates at 30% per payment.


  • It may take up to two weeks to process your order.
    • This means that if you have bought a magical or spelled item, that you will receive notice of shipping within two weeks, or a further notice indicating a delay.
    • If you have purchased an e-mail or IM reading, you will receive it in that time frame through your selected medium, or receive a notice indicating a delay
    • If you have purchased an in person reading, investigation, or event, you will receive further notification and follow up from us within the two week time frame.
  • Orders will not begin processing until payment is received.
    • This means that from the time we receive payment, we begin a two week processing period.
  • Orders may be processed before the end of the two week period.
  • Upon completion of your order, we will send a notification that the order has been shipped.
  • We are pleased to say we can offer next day shipping on most items, but we guarantee your item will be sent within two weeks of payment, or you will be notified otherwise.


  • On packages under 13oz shipping will be as follows
    • $5 for U.S.
    • $10 International
  • Other shipping costs will be by weight and in accordance with the cost of shipping through USPS.
  • Most items will be shipped the day after payment is received.
  • If you are buying from our Facebook Groups
    • You may request a hold on your items to avoid multiple shipping costs
    • We will ship the items once:
      • They reach the 13oz limit OR
      • They have been held for one month OR
      • You have asked us to ship the package
    • Any orders from our online store will not be able to be put on hold.
    • Purchases from the online store will be shipped within 1 – 3 business days.
    • Purchases from Quick Claim events will begin processing once payment is received, and will be mailed within a week from the end of the event in which they were purchased.
      • Quick Claim event items are not fully assembled and ready for shipping.
      • All online items are ready for shipping.


  • Magickal Menagerie will send receipts to you through e-mail from PayPal or through our online store
    • Please indicate on your order if you would like a packing slip/receipt.
    • We will provide you with a receipt only if you ask. Otherwise, your invoice should serve as your receipt of sale.
  • These are automated receipts that allow us to access your order.
  • You may request a record of your order at any time.
    • We will provide that service for you.


  • Magickal Menagerie does not accept voluntary returns for money back.
  • If an item is lost in the mail or damaged, we will replace it with something of equal or lesser value, and only in one transaction
    • If you bought a vessel with summonings, you will still be able to get the same spirits.
      • We will replace the vessel with one of equal value, and send the package again.
    • Many of our items are one of a kind, so we understand
  • If you do not provide us with a valid address, email address, or other relevant information we are not responsible for the loss of your package and will not honor a refund or store credit if it is lost.
    • If the package is returned to us because the address given to us by the customer was invalid, the customer is responsible for the price of shipping and will be sent an invoice.
    • The package will be sent after the invoice fee for second time shipping is paid.
  • There are no refunds on readings.
  • There are no refunds on home cleansings.
  • There are no refunds on events.
  • There are no refunds on investigations.
  • There are no refunds on spell work.
  • There are no refunds on reiki or healing services.
  • There are no refunds on distance bindings.


This disclaimer is to serve as a reminder that all psychic readings and spelled items are for entertainment purposes only. We stand behind the effectiveness of our products, but in the cases of health, legal proceedings, financial advice, or in relation to the apprehension of criminals, we recommend the use of a certified professional. As these areas require certifications, we cannot recommend our products as capable of operating on the level of a qualified professional due to the laws surrounding those services.  Our products require that you have some psychic ability or knowledge of their use and purpose before purchase.  We assume that anyone purchasing our products has basic knowledge of how they are to be used, and are buying these products because they have the necessary skill to use them. We are not responsible for defining the level of skill required, or for teaching you how to use the items we provide, although we do offer other services to this end.  We are only responsible for providing you with the items or services requested, and are not responsible for their effectiveness as we cannot guarantee your ability to use the items we provide effectively. If you are not sure that you are able to use an item in our store to its effective purpose, we ask that you seek more information from us, or refrain from purchasing the item. If you are making a purchase from Magickal Menagerie you certify that you are over the age of 18 years old and that you are agreeing to our store policies.

Thank you for working with us!!! 

If you have questions, check our our FAQ page on our main site!!! 

Many Blessings,

Team {MM}