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Spell Name: Alum Nigh

Recommended Strength: Simple

Onset: 1 Day      

Duration: 1 – 2 Weeks

Empowerment: Preserving Energy, Preserving Lifestyle, Preserving Relationships, Stalling Outcomes or Resolution

Effect: There are situations in life where we feel that the end is near. Whether a relationships, financial issue, or change of pace, we may wish we had a little more time for acceptance, and to move on with our heads held high. This spell allows for a brief window of time, before any unwanted or difficult transition, where you will be given time to gather your thoughts, emotions, and words, without consequence to you. By removing the severity of the situation from the minds of others, asking for the universe to grant you space to move easily, this spell allows you the opportunity you deserve to make a safe and healthy way for yourself no matter what the circumstances.  If you’ve learned your lesson, and you don’t want it to bite you in the behind, this spell will soften the blow without backlash.

 All spells come with a complimentary write up that includes the date of casting, the projected effects, and some brief information regarding your spellwork. This information may include messages received during your casting, or further instructions to help you along the way!!!

Remember: The duration and onset listed are in reference to the recommended casting strength. If you choose a different level of casting, the duration and onset will be subject to change. The effects however, will stay the same.