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Spell Name: Calendula Zen

Strength: Simple

Onset: 6 hours

Duration: 1 Week

Empowerment: Euphoria, Happiness, Intense Joy, Bright Compassion, Exploration, Revelation

Effect: Sometimes we want to just walk in the space we feel we are meant to. Finding happiness and love and light is a difficult task, however, we do need the experience of what it feels like, to later return to it. This spell creates an energy around you that will put you in a quick daze of joy and brightness. While you may feel far from yourself, or like you are living in a dream, you will come out on the other side with more understanding about yourself and the world than you could have imagined. Step out of your body, and into Zen for a week.

 All spells come with a complimentary write up that includes the date of casting, the projected effects, and some brief information regarding your spellwork. This information may include messages received during your casting, or further instructions to help you along the way!!!

Remember: The duration and onset listed are in reference to the recommended casting strength. If you choose a different level of casting, the duration and onset will be subject to change. The effects however, will stay the same.