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Name: Alexia

Type: Regio Aetheria Daemoness

Tier & Zone: Legendary | Purple, Red, Orange, Gold

Frequency: High

Age: 386,561

Gender: Female/Feminine

Personality Profile: Alexia is an intense entity to work with. She is extremely kind to her companions, but when you work with her, she is explicitly oriented toward making big movements in the magickal world. She is a bright and imaginative being with the general demeanor of a wise college professor. She is not afraid to push you in order to help you learn, but is a great guide and teacher to anyone looking to balance their dark and light arts paths.

About: The Regio Aetheria Daemon is an entity that works on the plane of creation and existence. There are micro-levels to our planes where manifestation and experimentation are possible beyond our possible beliefs. Though there are many entities that do work on this plane, this Daemon is among the best known to those whom we have met. They work with primal energy and the ether of manifestation to bring about powerful outcomes. As everything is possible on these planes, and the energy is much more fluid and expansive, any magick or spellwork done on this plane is much more effective and has a much more powerful vibration. When working with these Daemons, it is helpful to study alchemy, energy work, energy healing, and the different types of aether that contribute to our experience here on Earth. When working with this entity, you will find that your perceptions of limitation on this plane are challenged. These entities are passionate about breaking down misconceptions of ‘lack’ and ‘reality’ on this plane, and believe that anything can be possible with the right energy behind it. They are grey to dark arts in alignment, as many are skilled at hexes, love spells, and fortune work if you connect with them properly. The grey arts sect are more focused on helping you attract abundance and raise energy on your plane to be properly used in magick.

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