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Reading: The Philosopher’s Spread
# of Card Spread: 8-12; Page length will vary.
About: The Philosopher’s Spread uses a deck of Hermetic type tarot that have been quite difficult for us to get – the card reading is very geometric in nature and analyzes aspects of your existence you haven’t quite thought about. Though many readings deal with surface issues, analyze what you are aiming for, things that have happened in the past, and what affects you, this reading sets the bar. One of our most innovative readings yet, this card setting looks into divine purpose, personality aspects that came from previous lives, your motivation, your destiny in regards to human living and spiritual living, and so much more. This reading gets into your wiring, and helps you to understand some of those innate things that you have always questioned. As above, so below – so why not read both? This once in a lifetime reading will connect the voices of your higher and lower selves, the gods, your ancestors, and your subconscious, all in one place. Let’s get polling…what is your life missing?