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Reading: The $10,000 Pyramid Spread
# of Card Spread: 14; Page length will vary.
About: The $10,000 pyramid is a spell whose name is based off of the popular game show. This reading is for anyone who has already started or is planning to start a business venture or a large project of some sort. This reading works from the base to the top – delving into why you are starting this project, what it will do for you, what and who to avoid, and what and who to focus on. This reading will warn you of possible losses of money and will also show you things and themes to focus on when marketing and expanding. This massive 14 card reading will get into the meat of your business or project, analyzing if it is going to work, if it has lasting power, and what things you can do to help it not only last, but to make the most money possible. The last card will also tell you how you can make this business or project do great things for others and the community. This reading is extremely in depth and will answer questions you did not even know you had about your economic and business oriented future.