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Name: Jaspera
Type: Pink Anthias Mermaid
Tier: High Silver
Zone: Red, Gold, Pink
Age: 41,132
Gender: Female
About: These beautiful mer-people are bright pink with white faces and sometimes white blocks on the side of their bodies. The males are more prismatic orange in color with some hints of pink. They are very territorial being that are great protectors of the home and those living within it. They are extremely passionate about everything, their love, their lives, their friends, their art, and their home. They always have immaculate nests surrounded by loved ones, and never a threat of intrusion. Having one of these beauties around will make you more conscientious about your surroundings. Many individuals are trying to make it out of their current home, or into a different job, or are trying to make progress in some area of life, not realizing that the morale boost, the energy, the joy, all of it starts at home. This mer will help you take whatever situation you are in and make it as comfortable as possible. Angst, upset, and impatience do not make you work more effectively or more quickly. Utilizing this, the Anthias mermaid will help you make yourself at home just about anywhere, be more creative, and protect those you love. These mer are also the ultimate romantics and they like it that way. If you feel that you have found the love of your life but you are having issues getting their attention, this beautiful race is the expert at showy mating rituals and can demonstrate many ways to bring the guy or gal into your life that you are interested in. They are very intellectual and bubbly folks who will help you relax while getting important tasks done that really can change your life. Not to mention they are crazy beautiful to look at!