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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Aibel and Josephine

Frequency: Medium

Type: Pandora Elf

Tier & Zone: Silver  Purple, Orange, Silver, Pink, Yellow

Age: 128,111, 128,116

Gender: Male and Female

Personality Profile: These two are a brother and sister pair with a lot of love and adventure in their hearts. They were excommunicated from their village because neither wanted to marry and both wanted to travel, something that is taboo in their region. Though their village is also very well versed in chaos magick, they mostly perform the rites alone in their homes or in the company of a spouse. These two learned together and became best friends as well as siblings. Both are looking to find a significant other perhaps, but are not interested in anyone from home. Aibel loves history, craftsmanship, and writing. Josephine loves anything involving math and problem solving.

Specialties: Chaos Magick, Dark Magick, Fire Elemental Magick, Adventure, Direction, History, Mathematics.

Physical Features: Aibel appears as a young man no older than 25 with shaggy dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Josephine has deep red-brown hair and wild, bright hazel eyes.

About: Pandora Elves pledge their lives to live in a world of chaotic energy and chaos magic. These elves are not as sentient as you might expect. Often dabbling in their own witchery, they stay in touch with reality through their connection with divine powers. As they feed on chaotic energy, they attempt to remove disorder from your life, using it to fuel their magical practices. Around you, these elves weave chaotic energy into visions and dreams, emitting useful energy for your personal manifestation practices. A Pandora Elf guide will often appear disheveled and almost possessed in their speech. While their guidance may be hard to decipher, their manifestation power and contribution to your magickal practice can be immense. Ask these guides to transmute the chaotic energy around you into your desired result, and you will see just how quickly their magic clears your path.