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This listing is for a custom conjure of a Crane Dancer Djinn.  If you would like to make any other special requests for your custom spirit in regards to appearance or specialties please send us an email at after you have made your order. 

Crane Dancer Djinn: The Crane Dancer Djinn’s abilities are solidly based in ritual. They work very closely with their human counterpart for at least a week to determine the needs, desires, passions, and dislikes of the person they are helping. Their abilities are vast and are related to the Asiatic Deities that they are blessed with – having the capability to draw forth energy to grant immense wishes of health, love, wealth, longevity, marriage, success, or knowledge. When working with them, you choose first a piece of paper to work with them – Orange for energy, red for passion, green for money, light green or light blue for health, gold for marriage, Purple for success, Olive or brown for knowledge. Pink may also be used in cases of a lover’s quarrel or fertility. You draw four concentric circles as large as you can inside one another with enough space for writing. In the outermost circle, between circles 1 and 2, you write (and repeat until section is filled) the names of all involved in your blessing. Between circles 2 and 3 you will write (and repeat if necessary) ‘key’ words toward your goal. For example, if your wish was fertility, you may use words such as offspring, child, future, legacy, children, fertility, development, posterity. These words will be charged in this process. In the innermost circle, You draw or place a symbol that you will mentally charge and place your hands on once a day to re-awaken the talisman. For success, maybe a trophy, or for marriage perhaps a wedding ring – the possibilities here are endless. Cut the talisman out and hold the vessel of your Crane dancer on a string or chain like a pendulum over the talisman. Invoke them by saying “_Name_, _Name_, oh so true, I ask now of blessings from you. I’ve drawn this talisman of high power to help me in my desperate hour. I know you have the help I seek, I ask out of strength, not because I’m weak. Help me this day, and others that pass, that I may gain that which I ask.” You can add and amend this to suit your rhyming style or your heart’s desire. You hold the talisman up to the moon at night, either through a window or outside, and imagine the light of the moon flowing in it and empowering it. The Crane Dancer will take this energy of intention every night, and do a ritual dance of sorts, drawing down the energy of the divine towards your goal.

Recommended Tier: 3 or Higher