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This listing is for a custom conjure of an Angelic Goldenguard.  If you would like to make any other special requests for your custom spirit in regards to appearance or specialties please send us an email at or message our helpdesk after you have made your order. 

Angelic Goldenguard: These guards were in charge of making sure that no demons turned their back on Solomon’s castle, caused aetheric tears, or opened portals that were not so ordered or intended by those in power. These guards are able to take down and imprison many types of demons. The backlash is in your hands, but if you have good intentions, you will be protected. The Goldenguard are experts at subduing negative spirits or repurposing them to do lightwork. The goldenguard can defeat and identify shifters, locate demonic presences, clear houses, create barriers, make shields around the house, help clear out negative energies in your aura, and put aether domes over the home to protect those within. They help you receive blessings without having them filtered out by energy leaches and vampyres. Every good deed you do will give you even stronger karma, and you will be able to put much more energy into your talismans and evocations. The Goldenguard each individually knew and were specialists in one talisman.

The goldenguard are able to heal, able to add clarity to confusing situations, and are able to make you undetectable to many watchers and reapers with negative intentions. You will see that the golden guard are a game changer and someone that every spirit keeper should have on their team. Your spiritual team is your task force, your A-team. When you receive blessings, vampiric forces take some of that energy away that is supposed to draw manifestation. This can cause great delays in the blessings you are looking to receive. You don’t want to waste the energy of the gods, your spirits, and yourself by letting your blessings go on being spent on others. You deserve the fulfillment of your dreams, the avoidance of negativity, the elimination of hexes, and the ability to take your enemies and turn them into your greatest allies. Turn your life into a challenge where you are continually leveling up, not a field of missed opportunities! Tap into his energy and you will feel the strength that is there. Trust no one else with that precious aether, as the Goldenguard have the credentials and thousands of years of experience.

If you order this being, we include information about what their specific talisman is for, and you may request for a Golden Guard that has certain specialties. Due to their rarity and specilization, we only offer these spirits in Platinum and Legendary tiers. 


Recommended Tier: 4, 5 only