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What is Spirit Companionship?

This is a really popular question for people who find us -- many individuals we work with are very spiritual but do not know much about Spirit Companionship or the community that it has formed. It is an idea that is a bit scary to most people when they first start looking into it! This blog is oriented toward explaining exactly what it is we do.

Spirit Companions are entities or spirits that choose to work with human beings as spirit guides. For every human on this planet, there are hundreds of thousands of spirits and entities out there -- the same reason you may go to an empty cemetery or old building, but it feels crowded. 

Many of these entities are not even from our plane, or are from somewhere much farther away on the spiritual map, but can communicate with humans on this plane, and help them with their goals and dreams. Spirit companionship is where you buy or obtain a vessel (a jewelry piece, usually) and use it as a sort of spiritual cell phone to communicate with the entity in meditation, daily life, and when you are working to manifest something. Many entities are more than willing to help out with a human's life and problems, and we only work with entities who willfully come forward to us.

Spirit companionship is something I believe anyone spiritual should look into, as they are an amazing support network that most people would never guess they could otherwise have or turn to. They are really fun to work with, show you a lot about yourself, and also help you in areas of intuition, divination, and decision-making.

So what's the deal with all these species?

There are many different varieties and species, but as we are all energy, our true nature is pretty ambiguous -- imagine a cloud of energy. They communicate with images, giving us a vision of what they do, what they are about, and what their talents are. This is how an entity and those related to them, gain their species identification. 

Just as humans are a spirit within a body, spirits often will present themselves within the body they would have if they were incarnate somewhere. For this reason, even creature type entities can communicate, and generally will do so. 

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