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Quick Fulfilment Update 3-20-17

Just a quick fulfilment update….

Firstly, thank you all so much for your patience. Curtis has been undergoing some necessary medical treatment that affected his work output. We did not anticipate it to be necessary to share this information but delays were more than expected. However, his treatment was necessary for us to get back up and running with our usual pep. Readings and Spellwork have had the most delay over the past few months because of this but all orders in those areas will be completed by the end of the week.

This blog is to let you know when you should be expecting your items from us. We will post another updated with current expected shipping times later in the week. As requested, here are the updates for you guys!!!

Readings and Spellwork

These readings were completed today and will be emailed in a few hours. If your order was before some of these, it simply depends on the type of divination what delay you experienced. Your readings up to MM01777 will be to you tomorrow.

  • MM01635
  • MM01655
  • MM01663
  • MM01784
  • MM01799
  • MM01869
  • MM02004

The following order readings should be completed by the end of the day on Monday 3-20-17. These are readings still pending from Dec. 22,2016 – Feb. 6. 2017. These orders will be receiving a store credit for ½ of the purchase amount for the extended wait time as our thanks for your patience. These orders have been delayed in part due to life events and medical reasons.

  • MM01531
  • MM01646, MM01747
  • MM01719
  • MM01777

Spellwork and Pending Remote Enchantments will be completed tomorrow through Tuesday 3-21-17 for the following orders:

  • MM02043
  • MM02134
  • Bonanza Order 350531755
  • MM02178
  • MM02195
  • Rooster Bundle Readings and Spellwork that did not request special readings or alternatives in their bundles

The following readings will be completed in order of receipt after the previous readings have been completed:

  • MM02075 – One page
  • MM02129 – One page
  • MM02102 – Four Pages
  • MM02158 – One Page
  • MM02171 – One page
  • MM02179 – One page
  • MM02180 – Three pages
  • MM02183 – One page

All packages of physical orders up to MM02198 will be shipping out tomorrow. Tracking should be updated in the early afternoon except for orders including the following which will be completed by tomorrow evening and should be shipping out Tues/Wed although summoning/conjuring is completed for some of these orders.

  • Flight of Fancy
  • Invitation Reverse Adoptions

Orders after MM02198 will be working on summoning/conjuring between Monday and Wednesday and should be out by the end of the week or sooner.

Thank you guys for your patience with this update!!! We have been working hard to get caught up now that our personal matters have cleared up!!! We appreciate your patience and understanding over the past two weeks.

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