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Packaging and Fulfilment Updates 2-15-17

Here are the latest updates for order fulfillment. This list is updated with a new blog on Tuesdays and Saturdays (Still working on consistency with this). It includes progress updates on current orders and estimated wait times for future purchase made until the next update. Also, we will leave notes here for our personal schedule and availability.

This report is for orders up to #MM01869 and Invoices Paid in Full by 2-14-2017.

Note: Thank you for your patience as we are experiencing some delays in shipping due to high volume. Our original prediction to ship most orders by this past Monday was not as feasible as we thought. We appreciate your patience with these delays!!! Thank you all so much for your support and excitement for your orders. We are always thrilled to be your guides to the other side of the veil. As our gift, our freebie this month is a free coupon for $5.00 of your next purchase. These will be available throughout the month of February!!! 

For everyone who is a beginning keeper, or who is ordering from us for the first time, we are thrilled to welcome you to the Menagerie!!! We appreciate your trust in us and we are doing our best to make sure you receive a quality binding and have a wonderful experience in your ventures with your new companions!!! Additionally, be on the lookout as we update our FAQ and add new entity spotlights and teaching opportunities throughout the next few months. Your enthusiasm and seeking spirits are what keep us able to kick out new teaching and freebies for you!! 

Love you all!!! - {MM} 

Below are the current estimated wait times and pending order stats: 


Current readings working span from orders MM01531 to MM01869. These also include bundle readings for the Rooster Specials, Third Eye Surgery Follow Up Readings, and contest winners. 

Estimated Wait Time:  2 Weeks or more

Number of Readings in Queue: 27

Readings waiting: 70 - 75 Pages Total

Readings working: 1

  • MM01531

Note: Readings are on schedule and all these should be completed by the end of February. Thank you for your patience with readings as this is an extremely high volume at this time. 


Estimated Wait Time: 4 - 5 Days 

Number of Rituals in Queue: 8


Estimated Wait Time: 7 - 9  Days to Ship; High volume, should return to 3 - 5 days on Monday  2-20-17. We have had an exceptionally high volume from Feb 4. - Feb. 13th!!! Thank you all for making this one of the biggest sales periods to date!!!

Estimated Shipping Date: Shipping dates for conjures on orders from MM01531 to MM01869 will be Thursday for most orders. Other orders will ship Friday and Saturday along with all other orders. If you order does not ship on these dates, it will be included in next week's shipping. This is likely for orders after MM01869. 

Enchantments Waiting: 2

Enchantments Working: 2 – Cast, 2 - Charging

Conjures Waiting: 36

Conjures Working: 0 – Slips Completed; 78 – Bindings Completed and Awaiting Shipment

If you have questions or concerns about your order, make sure to message our Help Desk at http://magickalmenagerie.freshdesk.com OR contact us via E-mail at magickalmenagerie@gmail.com

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