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Packaging and Fulfillment Updates 12-31

Here are the latest updates for order fulfillment. This list is updated with a new blog on Tuesdays and Saturdays (Still working on consistency with this). It includes progress updates on current orders and estimated wait times for future purchase made until the next update. Also, we will leave notes here for our personal schedule and availability. This report is for orders up to #MM01557 and Invoices Paid in Full by 12:35 PM 12-31-2016.


Estimated Wait Time: 7 Days

Number of Readings in Queue: 5

Readings waiting: 13 - 18 Pages Total

Readings working: 3

  • Order #MM01476 – 9 Pages Complete, 1 Remaining – Estimated Delivery 1-1; Held for Editing and Double Check


Estimated Wait Time: 4 - 5 Days after 12-31

Number of Rituals in Queue: 9

Order# - Casting Dates:

  • Pinnacle Spellwork - 1-1 (Order yours now!!! - Aprx. 64% Off) 
  • Spellwork throughout the week


Estimated Wait Time: 3 – 5 Days to Ship 

Estimated Shipping Date: 1-3 on orders not shipped 12-31 

Enchantments Waiting: 4

Enchantments Working: 4 – Cast, 0 - Charging

Conjures Waiting: 5

Conjures Working: 0 – Slips Completed; 0 – Bindings Completed

If you have questions or concerns about your order, make sure to message our Help Desk at http://magickalmenagerie.freshdesk.com OR contact us via E-mail at magickalmenagerie@gmail.com

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