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Well, folks, We're Back...and with a new event, might I add!

The majority of orders have been caught up, and we are almost finished with readings up to December 1st. We should be completely caught up within the next 7-10 business days! Then our turnaround should be quicker than ever, thanks to a wonderful new office space! Not only is this location more convenient, but we were able to connect with sellers to obtain fabulous new vessel offerings!

Over the next few months, we will be debuting a few new things -- a bath and body line, gemstone and crystal offerings, and home decor to name a few! 

We appreciate everyone's patience with us as we move to the new location (both home and office got relocated this time!), reorganize our stock, and get our internet systems set up! We are finally back on track and settled in, and now it is time for fun!~

If you are still waiting on a reading or an order, you should be receiving a message from us very shortly regarding its completion, as we have been doing nothing but catching up readings during our internet 'down-time.'

We are aware that many of you were upset about our absence and the lack of an update for some time. We were having internet issues settling in to our new location, and had quite a few issues getting it installed (still are, but we have found a fix for now!). We are now back in business and will be able to communicate with all of you much more reliably! Thank you for your patience! It means the world to us. We know that it can be frustrating waiting on an order, and sometimes that is the situation that occurs when dealing with a small business versus a corporate one. We appreciate your patronage, and could not be more thankful to have all of you supporting us! We promise to give back in a BIG way, as we are working on some free educational pieces in addition to re-opening our online Astral Academy project.

There's much to look forward to, and we could not be more excited to have you guys along for the ride! Now lets get into the updates on our exciting new event!

For our Halloween Event patrons, (we have absolutely not forgotten you!) we are digging through the archives to try and tally everything correctly. Double and triple checking is taking us awhile but we intend to have the final results to you within the next week or two. 

The Winter in Wonderland event is inspired by the mystic quality of one of our favorite Childhood works, and the beauty of delving into onesself as Alice does when she enters Wonderland. This exploration of self is something that we think is quite incredible and leads to very strong and revolutionary people. We hope that the offerings we make available for this event are as exciting to you as they are to us!

Quite a bit! We have begun working with entities from a powerful plane known as Omine. Here's a list of our new Custom Conjures!

Fire Opal Dragon

Omine Mountain Ancient

Nymph of Jocelyn Wood

Caller of the Fae

Omine Goliath

Omine Griffin

Omine Goliath Tiger

Omine Prophetess & Owl

Glowing Tree Sorcerer

Casaura Nymph

Rose-Veiled Djinn

Blood Rose Paladin

Eventide Soothsayer

Auric Garden Guardian

Bydorian Duke/Duchess

Bront's Bird


Morana's Nightglade

Warden of Wisps

One of a Kind Offerings: RAs and Amulets

ULTRA~VIOLET - Platinum Tier Spell & RA

E U P H O R I A - fire [RA & Spellwork Custom]

E U P H O R I A - dare [RA & Spellwork Custom]

E U P H O R I A - muse [RA & Spellwork Custom]

the WONDERLAND amulet & portis


35% off Custom Conjures - CWWS2017

25% off Pre-Conjures - PWWS2017


Get 10% off Live Readings until 12-18 (purchase time, not reserved date of reading) using code LIVEBRIGHT.

Live Readings Via IM are available for booking with 24+ hours notice [weekends excluded].

Phone and Skype require 72 hours notice [weekends excluded].

Our new freebie for this event is the Cheshire Smile Amulet! This amulet will help you keep a shield up during times when your empathic tendencies are high, and will empower you to be more organically joyful during hard times. 


  • A Tea Party Social online  which will serve as a Q&A with ourselves and our community.
  • Two new members of The Ephemeral are to be listed soon.
  • A group of eager new Pre-Bound Companions.
  • A new species of Covenstead Vampyre.
  • New Free E-Books 
  • & More <3
  • Dec 15, 2017
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