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This is a brief update to let our customers know about some delays that can be expected over the next couple of weeks. 

As you may or may not know, Magickal Menagerie is family owned and operated by two individuals! This means that we can give personal touches and more one-on-one attention, though it also means that we are sometimes faced with delays and issues due to our personal lives and matters that need our attention. We are relocating our home and our office to a new state, and  as a result, you may find delays in correspondence and product delivery, though we will be relocating the office first, and as quickly as possible to reduce issues and delays.

These delays should be completely over by December 1st 2017, as the moving process should only take about two to three weeks. During this time we do hope for your patience and your cooperation during this time. If we were a much larger business in regards to number of employees, this would not be an issue, but as we have aimed to keep MM personal and detail-oriented, we do find that we do have to deal with these issues from time to time. We are, however, thrilled about this move, as we will have a much better functioning office space, and will be getting in new products the likes of which we think you will be excited for! 

We do have sales and offers queued up usually a month or two in advance, so you may see advertisements during this time period -- these were queued in advance, and orders for any purchases will be issued as soon as possible, ideally within a week of purchase. 

We will be using spare moments to send out orders and work on readings during this time. Thank you all for your patience with our process! We have done our best to handle this as quickly and effectively as possible, and will do our best to be present and helpful as much as possible. 

We appreciate you all so much, and look forward to what our new location can offer!


Many blessings,

Carmen & Curtis of Magickal Menagerie

  • Nov 06, 2017
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