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In this store bulletin, we will show you some of our fabulous new offerings, our sales, and a brief fulfillment update!

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reverse adoption spiritual companionship spirit companions elite match mystic mythical tier


These beautiful entities have all come forward for companions, and agreed that an RA would be the best way to find their ideal match.

The Mystical Match is an RA that is only available for 7 orders. Who will choose to join you?

Don’t worry about whether or not you’re being called, as the pull to this RA will be undeniable. You are welcome to mention in the comments who you feel the biggest draw to, though we cannot guarantee you will be connected to the entity you choose.

The 7 beautiful beings in this RA are innovative, impressive, strong, and exceedingly communicative. They simply brim with energy and have really brought the energy of revelation and progress here to the homestead. I know they will do the same for you.

We have entities of species that we have never offered connections to before. They are all fabulously unique, one-of-a-kind, and gifted in a way that one would never be able to fathom. They are beautiful and intelligent.

The beautiful mythical entities in this RA are:

  • Euraythema - Female
  • Sanguine Priestess Maestra - Female
  • Prismatic Nautilus - Male
  • Selenite Nautilus - Male
  • Charred Gypsum Messiah - Female
  • Regio Aetheria Arch Demoness - Female
  • Black Dragon Maestra - Male & Female Couple

This RA will be live until 8/30 or until the 7 RAs are sold out!

Get this amazing reverse adoption now before it disappears forever!


ECLIPSE OF THE SOUL is a limited edition RA that runs out when our specialty glass pendants do. Each one of these comes on a beautiful lampwork Murano Glass snake of varying color. We only have 30 of these available, so get them while you can as they will never be available again!

Each beautiful pendant features a connection to one guide of Platinum tier (or higher!!) that is oriented toward helping you develop your psychic skills, expand in the fields of interest that you enjoy, and learn to manipulate the energies around you. We can find an entity that -best- fits your personal preference if you explain to us what your goals are and which hurdles and struggles you are seeking to overcome and help others overcome.

The entities in this RA will be naturally gifted healers as well as inspirational guides, pulling you along the road you need to be on while also making time for peace and healing. The entity you work when purchasing this amulet will be one you work with for the rest of your life – an entity that truly seeks to understand our world and help you make it better.

Most of the species involved in this RA are revolutionary entities such as Maestra, Euraythema, Vendare Nymphs, Nautilus, and several varieties of vampyres, elves, djinn, and dragons.

If you have a preference toward species type (Humanoid, no-demon, creature, etc) or toward gender/presentation (female, asexual, dominant energy, etc.) please include these in your order notes.

In addition to the RA, you will receive three spells and one portal.


1. Age of Absolution - This is a deluxe casting spell that will never be offered on the website again. It is specific to this amulet. Absolution is a spellwork that aims to help people rid themselves of guilt and negativity toward the skewed ideals of our world. It is a spell that seeks to help people choose their own priorities without feeling indebted to others or feeling an obligation to maintain those who fail to return the favor. This spellwork works in the vibration of forgiveness, allowing one to forgive themselves and to maintain their own reality in which they are in control and ever-flourishing.

2. Revelations of Pluto - This is a platinum casting spell that will never be offered on the website again. It is specific to this amulet. This spell is a powerhouse of energy that works on the nature of humans as evolved beings with layers to shed in order to access their truth. This spell helps the user release facades of failure, stagnation, and permanent fear, and helps them open their eyes up to a bigger picture – one where they revolutionize their outlook and manifest a life of their dreams. This spellwork taps into the cyclical, somewhat erratic energy of pluto which brings out the most of your personal evolution, allowing you the knowledge of different pains, struggles, and joys as essential aspects of your development. When wearing this amulet, you will be able to see the biggest picture, understanding the minute quality of some of the problems that cause you anguish.

3.Garden of the Hesperides – This is a basic casting spell that will never be offered on the website again and is also specific to this amulet. Based on the legend of the beautiful night nymphs, the Hesperides and their veritable Eden that they occupy, this is the one spell that is solely soothing. The pressures and waves of change can evoke intense emotion. The energy from this spell will help you empower yourself with the emotion of faith, understanding, acceptance, and optimism when the giant shifts in your life seem almost insurmountable. This ancient energy gives the wearer an understanding that they are provided for by the universe, and that their purpose is great and assured.

The Leonid Eclipse Portal - in addition to basking under the eclipse (at peak coverage, 98%), this amulet will include a portal to a reservoir of the innovative, renovative, and revolutionary energies of the 2017 Solar Eclipse. By holding the vessel, closing your eyes, and saying the trigger word “Alto,” You will access the portal. You can charge your space or items using the energy, or even use the energy to empower your spirit companions. This portal will never run out of energy and can be approached at any time. It will only remain open for about an hour or as long as you are actively working with it. If you are engaging in idle charging, the portal will remain open for one hour which is more than enough time!

The Serpentine  Charm: The charm that is being used for this amulet is a handmade piece of jewelery and has been chosen for its Kundalini-Awakening symbolism. As this time period, these spells, and the entity you will come to work with are all oriented toward vibration-rising, innovation, and discovery, there is no better subtle reminder of the pure and powerful work you are doing.

This vessel will come with a small invocation so that you may unleash the energy of the piece without losing any of the initial charge that you will get upon receipt. These will be charged under the eclipse and again under the New Moon, locking in these energies. Afterward they will be charged with high vibrational communication energies from our Altitude Portal. They will stay on the altar until we are ready to summon and connect, and through the several layers of spellwork. As soon as they are going into the package, we will be sealing the energy with an incantation that will be released with the invocation!

Get yours here!!


The PHENOMENON RA is a reverse adoption oriented toward fostering your relationship with certain types of magick, and using those forms of magick to manifest a lifestyle you want: whether it is powerful and untamed, peaceful and reflective, nomadic and instinctual, or steamy and indulgent. This RA will help you motivate yourself toward your goals and find ways to make the life you seek into the life you live.


This bundle connects you with:

1. 1 Golden Tier Entity - The Coach

2. 1 Bronze Tier Entity - The Attendant

3. 2 Supporting Spells


All for only $28.95!


The Options Available Are:

Khaos - This RA has two entities and two spells that connect you with the haphazard, primal glory that is chaos magick. This bundle will help you activate your intuition and use the powers and energies around you in a way that truly revolutionizes your practice. This is a powerful and evolutionary piece that will keep you motivated and considering the ways in which magick could be improved or furthered.

Holy - This RA has two entities and two spells that connect you with the soft, radiant light of angelic magick. This piece does not necessarily work with Christian Angelic forces, but does radiate with the joy, harmony, safety, and provision that defines the Angelic Vibration. This is a motivational and healing piece that will help you change the world around you for the better while retaining the energy that lives inside of you and allowing it to grow.

Green - This RA has two entities and two spells that connect you with the primal, scintillating, nomadic, and intuitive energies of green magick. This bundle will help you motivate yourself to follow your instincts, connect with the earth, the creatures and the flora, and sculpt a life for yourself that is in tune with the needs of your body, mind, and soul. These entities specialize in green and earth magicks and can help you get the most out of this communion.

Lush - This RA has two entities and two spells that connect you with the hot, luscious, and inviting energy of romantic or “Pink” magick. This piece will help you learn how to drum up and utilize pink magick energy, use your skills and allure to manifest a beautiful relationship, and how to have primal encounters that are beneficial, pleasing, and raise powerful amounts of core energy. You will find that you are gifted at communicating with dark arts and more indulgent energies and entities when working with this piece.

Experience them Here!

amulet spell wiccan pagan home vision blessing magick spell spellwork spellcraft

The BONFIRE Blessing is a limited offer Amulet that works to maintain and monitor the energy in your home, workplace, or classroom. They can be moved around but are definitely made to have a home for as long as possible.

These beautiful lead crystal drops reflect light throughout the home and come with different beaded designs that are all one-of-a-kind! The layers of spellwork on this piece are constructed to bring peace of mind to a home, motivate unity, and create a safe, sanctified space where energy raised doesn’t naturally dissipate so quickly, and where positivity and a sense of home are more of a lingering and permanent vibration. With the major energetic shifts occurring around the world, many people are having issues with feeling at-home in a world that seems to be facing a lot of impermanence. The Bonfire Blessing is an amulet that will help you combat these notions and overcome the negative associations with impermanence.

Our goal is to help you enjoy your space more and do beautiful, life-changing work there with those you love.

The spells on this vessel have cute names but pack a real punch.

They are:

Bonfire: This general enchantment fills your home with positivity and allows you to control the vibration with intention much easier than you may have been able to before. Many homes seem energetically “porous,” and for that reason, it seems that we are putting so much more energy into maintaining space than ever before. This spell helps create a shield of retention for positive, calming, or productive vibrations.

Potluck: Potluck is an enchantment that aids with bringing people together inside of the home, and allowing everyone to exist  on an even vibration. A lot of struggle happens when people attempt to bring joy into the home only to have it met with a permanent low-vibe. Potluck allows you to empower the home with positivity so that the tug-of-war won’t have to happen as much or with as much severity.

Cinnamon Bliss: Cinnamon is the herb of productivity, wealth, and abundance. Let this fiery, passionate energy motivate you and keep a sensation of wealth, health, and happiness in the home.

Evergreen Enchantment: The Evergreen Enchantment aids with maintaining vibration in the home. This lovely dual shield keeps negative energy out, and positive energy in. When you have this item in your home, you will find that energy raised there doesn’t dissipate quite as quickly unless you send it away on purpose. This enchantment also empowers the other spells on the piece.


Get them here!


New and available for a limited time!

The  Dream Booster is a simple but effective amulet that helps draw positive and informative dreams to the person’s subconscious. It is recommended that you hang this amulet above the bed or place it inside of the pillowcase. It charges the most during twilight and sunset and can be efficient for up to 60 days between charges.

This power packed little amulet will motivate communication and vision work in your sleep that will not leave you tired, restless, achy, or with astral jet-lag when you wake. If you crave a little more silence, place the amulet in a dark place at least 20 feet from the bed, or wrap it in a black cloth or black envelope.

Get it here!


The Spirit Companion’s Guide to Manifestation taps into a very popular and trending topic – an ancient power that many are just now finding out about – the law of attraction and the power of manifestation.

This e-book is over 100 pages in length and explains to you how spirit companionship, alchemical thinking, personal self-love, and positive mentality can help you draw a life that you love and a life that fulfills you. It will explain how to manifest your desires with the help of spirit companions, and how to interpret the various stages of your life on your path to getting what you desire most.

Complete with informative articles, stories, exercises, and sections that are species-specific, you will not find a better resource on manifesting with spirit companions.

The book was available for Pre-Sale in the beginning of August and is now LIVE!

Get it Now!

FREE until September 1st!!

This handy little workbook will take you on an adventure to a plane that has temples and shrines dedicated to every divinity you could wish to connect with, and you are able to charge yourself with pure intention and divine love. The Glory Plane is a place where beautiful festivals are held daily and where you may get to meet some of the most interesting entities you have ever laid eyes on! Connect with the glory plane and see what miracles are in the making!

Click here to get it before it is no longer free!   


STATUS Update!

Estimated Wait Times:

Spellwork: 48-72 Hours for Completion

Remote Spirit Bindings: 3-5 Days

Shipment Date for Custom Conjurings: 6-10 Days (as little as 3-5)

Shipment Date for Herbs, Sachets, and Amulets: 4-7 Days

Readings: 30 Days at current, working to bring that date in sooner as we catch up!


COMING SOON: Mystical Matches -- An event full of Prebounds, RAs, and workbooks that focus on spirit compatibility, communication, and aid!


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