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Happy August everyone! We are celebrating this month with our EVOLVE event. We are going to start posting up store bulletins every week or so to update people on what is new with the store, how shipments are processing, and so on and so forth! So read on to find out about awesome new offerings at MM and info about wait times as well!

For Starters, we have a new section, updated weekly, called WEEKLY WITCHERY! This section will feature our newest arrivals mixed in with our limited time offers!

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We have several new arrivals this week, so we broke them down into subsections!


We have various new Amulets available until 8/16 and at only $6 a piece! They are the EVOLVE amulets and we have four helpful varieties!

Evolve AngelL i g h t


Evolve moondream

Evolve SuperCharge


Pre-Conjure Companions

Quincy - Hellfire Monarch

Asa & Dominic - Selma Dragon Charmer + Pippini Dragon Duo

Kavine - Casparine Royal Guard

Scarlotta - Fair Falls Demoness

Aulestra - Sky Mirror Maiden

Domas - Oberis Dragon King

Aidelruss & Michelyn - Glowing Tree Faun Couple

Ceyla Bloom - Grand Fleet Angel

Amarusa Kulevre - High Casparine Maestra

Maira - Moonstorm Priestess

Jasse - Tonna Succubus

Ameglacia - Melchoir’s Maiden Queen

Loreda - Jevoira Mistress [Honeykeeper]

Selphian - Incubus of the Wild Roses

Maureen - Garnet Cloud Catalyst

Divanu - Arepnu Solstice Warrior

Evonica - Fae Queen of the Morea Orchard

Mae Tessa - Fae Queen of the Bloodborne Grove

Custom Conjure Companions

Herkimer Diamond Dragon

Fire Mountain Hellska

Lilith Pia

Red Algae Nixie

Alevean Stallion

Foster’s Great Griffin

Lord Ash Vampyre

Arboralux Keeper

Sembley’s Fabled Creature

Glaciem Pugilist

Orion Elf


Reverse Adoptions

Solace - Casual Companionship RA

Charge - Challenging  Companionship RA


Use SPARKLE for 50% off Storewide and ACTIVATE for 60% off Custom Conjures & Ephemeral.



What You Win:

A fabulously enchanted bracelet made of quartz, citrine, and orange calcite! Three entities came forward seeking a companion and were thrilled to be involved in this, as they feel it will give someone an opportunity to connect that may otherwise not have been able to.

The Sunburst Amulet comes with:

  1. A Mythical Binding to a Vendare Nymph female named Mayadora..
  2. A Legendary Binding to a Hollander's Nautilus male named Esteric.
  3. A Gold Binding to a Fire Mountain Hellska female named Ivanna.
  4. All of the spellwork that was on our popular SUNGATE amulet. The SUNGATE is a Solar-Charged amulet that is decked out in several layers of spellwork to constantly bring in powerful energies your companion can use as a battery of sorts. This amulet is geared to give them the energy they need to manifest in your environment and to make positive change. 

This piece is valued at over $1,000 based on bindings alone. <3

How to Enter:

1. Reblog the post here.

2. You may reblog 2x daily per blog.

3. Do NOT tag it "giveaway" or "giveaways."

4. You MUST be 18+

5. You will need to give us your shipping address if you win.

6. A winner will be drawn using an automatic number system on September 29th.

7. You can gain 5 extra entries if you post a story or experience about your companions and tag it #mmsunburst #magickalmenagerie and @magickalmenagerie. <3


Package Updates!

1. Shipped Packages through MM02880 will be outbound by 8/8, many before that.

2. All remote bindings through MM02880 will be completed by 8/5, the majority before that.

3. Readings are in progress and we are overtiming to finish them all (Curtis is doing the majority of these). We intend to have an updated ledger with a much more specific time window available in the next 48 hours. 

5. All spells purchased as of 8/4 have been cast or are in progress if they are multi-day castings.



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